Argon Secure

Company Overview

Juniper Networks provides enterprise network security products and services. I worked on the Juniper Argon Secure team, while supporting some of the UX initiatives at Juniper. Argon Secure is a web-based application — an advanced anti-malware service for Juniper Network SRX Series Services Gateways to identify malware that traditional solutions cannot detect.

Challenges & Approach

EchoUser was tasked with helping to get Argon’s product design off the ground. At the time, rough personas and a couple of wireframes had been created; no framework, conceptual model, or information architecture. EchoUser devised a two-part approach: define a ‘big picture’ product design strategy (user flows, IA, etc.), while also producing wireframes on core parts of the experiences in parallel, to aid more targeted discussions.




Information architecture
Interaction design


Apr. 2015 – Nov. 2015 (8 months)

Information Architecture

Before designing the wireframes of the application, my colleague and I created a document to describe Argon’s overall structure, key functions, and mapped out the use of existing Juniper design patterns.

Interaction design

Based on the product requirements and user interviews, I worked closely with the product manager and UX team to create medium-fidelity wireframes for the different sections of Argon Secure.

Usability tests were later conducted to help inform our design decisions. With the information gleamed from the studies, we made redesigns before the release.