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Company Overview

EchoUser is the Any Experience user experience design agency specializing in user research, interaction and visual design, helping both big companies and any-sized teams chasing bold goals.


EchoUser has gone through a series of rebranding since mid-2013. The new branding was to help position EchoUser as a team of bold and curious explorers. A team that is knowledgeable and experienced in the industry, seeking to understand the intersection of people and technology while designing a world of elegant and beautiful experiences.

During my time at EchoUser, I worked on a range of internal projects (both design and non-design related), including some of the following:

  • re-designing the website (launch in 2017);
  • redesigning the presentation templates;
  • teaching workshops on user experience;
  • internal EchoUser labs projects;
  • managing the social media and content marketing team; and
  • being an integral member of the cultural team
2017 EchoUser Website



Information architecture
Interaction design
Project management
Visual design


Sep. – Nov. 2017 (3 months)

After managing the website since the beginning of my EchoUser career, I moved our website to WordPress to allow for better content management. Based on the rebranding effort of 2013, the website design used the same color palette of energetic greens along with a simple layout of grid aligned images. The 2017 redesign has more of a minimalistic look with more sans-serif fonts and simple icons, on top of large and bold imagery.

I also manage the blog with our social media team to help create new and fresh content every week.

Website has yet to be launched



Presentation creation
Visual design


Jan. 2016 – Apr. 2016 (4 months)

I took on the initiative in early 2016 to redesign the EchoUser presentation templates using Google Slides. Using the EchoUser identity and standards from 2014, I mixed in strong imagery, complemented by simplistic vector images to keep it bold, yet minimal.

The example you see on the right is our EchoUser overview presentation deck that out Business Development Director uses as an initial “hello” to our potential clients.