On-the-go social media analytics

I had the opportunity to work with Crimson Hexagon over six months. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the product is not released yet, I am unable to post my work publicly on my portfolio.

Company Overview

Crimson Hexagon is a social media analytics tool that analyzes conversation across channels like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. to help brand corporations and agencies understand the nature of consumer conversation (i.e. sentiment, volume, topics, influencers, etc.), and use this information to improve overall business.

Challenges & Approach

Crimson Hexagon first approached EchoUser to help redesign a new reporting experience. After some research, they wanted to focus on building out the new dashboard section by researching the landscape of personas who might be interacting with it, particularly executives and brand managers, and understanding their use cases. Through some conversation, this project was broken down to two sections: the traditional dashboard within Crimson Hexagon and the mobile app supplement that would allow for the exec to see their information at quick glance. EchoUser was tasked with the latter.




Interaction design


Jan. 2016 – Jun. 2016 (6 months)