On April 6, 2015, I started the #100DayProject that was brought to you by The Great Discontent and Elle Luna. It’s funny, my friend by Instagram, @verneho, had challenged me to do it. I had attempted a Project 365 back in 2012, but failed miserably near the end of the year. Furthermore, I wasn’t really into photography like how I am now.

I wanted to challenge myself. So for the last 100 days, I attempted to take a photo every day.

My Own Rules:

  • Obviously, continue taking all photos using my iPhone 5S only. For those who don’t know, everything that’s on my Instagram (post April 2014) is iPhone only.
  • Take a new photo every day.
  • Allow for Thursdays to be my “off-day” — by using the #TBT hashtag.
  • If I really can’t take a photo that day, then post a photo from the previous days and try to make up for it with multiple photos the following days.

My Thoughts

It was fun looking back at my photos. After 136 photos over 100 days, here are some of my thoughts.

  • I noticed that my photography started to get a better over time.
  • I learned to be more spontaneous with adventures, but at the same time, knew when to say no before I had burnt myself out (story of my life).
  • I discovered a lot of new areas within the Bay Area and definitely went on a lot of adventures in the last 100 days. Now I find this feeling insatiable.
  • I realized that I went to quite a-many out-of-town trips during the last 100 days (including L.A., Seattle, Seattle (again), Portland, NYC and my random one-day adventure to Yosemite). Can’t wait for my visa to go through so I can travel outside of the States again.
  • I forced myself to walk around more during my lunch break to discover new things around the Financial District… However, I don’t think I did it as much as I hoped to.
  • I got sick a lot. If it wasn’t food poisoning, it would be my eczema. If it wasn’t my eczema, it would be my root canal reaction. Needless to say, I started to book appointments with my doctors to help boost up my immune system, and hopefully my energy will be back to what it used to be.
  • It acted like a journal for myself. There were many days where I had debated if I really wanted to post the photo for the day. There are definitely some photos that I have during my #100DayProject where I was not satisfied at all, but felt accountable to post. It felt kind of stressful.
  • I went to a lot of coffee shops. A lot.

What were your feelings during the #100DayProject? Did you find it successful? Did you find it hard? What made you kept going? Would love to hear your thoughts.

To see the photos that I took during my #100DayProject, feel free to check out the hashtag: #100daysofjwongphotos on Instagram, or check some selected ones in my portfolio.